Meet The Staff!

Meet the team behind all of the best events in the state! These guys make all the magic happen for your local & state-wide events, and put in tireless hours of work to ensure you guys have a beaming smile on your face.

Cade's Staff Page PFP

Cade Harrow

MurfreesFurs Owner, In-Person Events Lead
Telegram Contact: @TopRatedTalons
JEB-M-16 Staff Page PFP


MurfreesFurs Co – Owner, Accountant & Business Manager
“I’m going to throw a rock at you.”
Telegram Contact: @JEBM16

Dibbo Dominus

Administrator, Member Safety Lead
“Idk man I’m just a dog”
Telegram Contact: @Dibbo_Dominus
Hyper Staff Page PFP

Hyper Hyena

Administrator, Car Club Lead
“Supporting Fast Cars & Head Pats Est. 1996”
Telegram Contact: @SpeedyYeen
Kaiser1 Temp Staff Page PFP

Kaiser Katzchen

Administrator, Artist Alley Lead, Social Media Creation
“Fox? Cat? Dingo? Tiger? Horse? Nobody knows.”
Telegram Contact: @KaiserKatzchen

Adair Voleur

Virtual Events Lead
“I play mill decks in Magic because I wasn’t loved enough as a child”
Telegram Contact: @AdairVoleur
Filthy Staff Page PFP

Filthy Fox

In-Person Events Support
“fif will never ballin”
Telegram Contact: @Pawkisser


Public Relations, Social Media Creation
“I am D.B. Cooper”
Telegram Contact: @ScrabblePoss