Welcome to MurfreesFurs, your one-stop shop for art, events, chatting and meeting awesome new furries in Tennessee! We offer everything from a Car Club, VRChat events, a custom Artist’s Alley, fun in-person events, an active chat, and so much more!

Party’s in our name

We consistently hold the most vibrant, fun, and active events in the area, promising that no matter what you do when you show up, you’ll have a great time! We have a habit of consistently bringing a smile to everyone around us, as who doesn’t love seeing a bunch of cute fursuits out in the wild?

Not only can we bring out smiles and laughter, we know how to have a fun time too! From battling it out at the local arcade, settling scores in the bowling alley, or hosting massive, custom potlucks, we know exactly what we’re doing when it comes to a great time. We are even representing the Tennessee Furry fandom in Nashville PRIDE ’23!

Who we are

Well, we’re just like you. We have a fascinating interest; anthropomorphics! We enjoy all things, walking and talking. If you wanna join our community, check it out below!

Our Ideals & Safety

Our goals and ideals are clear: a fun, safe-for-everyone environment that promotes meeting new people, having a fun, drama-free time, and showing off our fluffy pride!

In order to keep our local community safe & secure, we do have a strict set of rules and guidelines that enforces our members’ safety. We have multiple staff who help manage the events, ensuring you’re safe at all times. From needing a fursuit handler to helping out with drama, we’re sure to resolve your problem quickly and efficiently.

We 100% guarantee to never abuse our power in any way, shape, or form. If you believe you are being mistreated by a staff at our events, contact cayoten immediately and it will be swiftly handled.

Check our our full list of rules here.

Join Us

Looking to join in with us on having fun? There’s so many ways to do so! Our group is mostly hosted on Telegram, however we also have many other social medias such as Discord, Twitter, and Instagram!

Our Twitter will always have the latest news on events and new happenings in the area.

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