Rules & Standards

Here at MurfreesFurs, our #1 priority is your safety. We want to ensure that everyone is comfortable, safe, and happy! To achieve our mission, we have a set of rules & standards for you to follow. By participating in any of our communities (Online, In-person events, etc.) you agree to these rules and standards.

  1. Treat everyone here with respect.

1a. Do not harass any of our members for any reason. Harassment includes peer pressure, bullying, blackmail, purposeful misgendering, acting or behaving in a demeaning way, or name calling.

1b. Do not post or say anything that could be offensive, discriminatory, or hateful. This includes any form of racially demeaning manners, Anti-LGBT remarks, sexism, anti-religious speech, or any other forms of harmful, bigoted speech.

  1. Do not cause, discuss, or engage in drama or controversial topics. We prohibit any toxic and/or abusive behavior in our community.
  2. Do not post anything inappropriate in our community. We are a Safe-for-work (SFW) environment!

3a. Our group allows ages 16+ to attend, so please make sure to keep the chats appropriate! We will never have a NSFW chat, so please make sure you do not act in an inappropriate manner in our community.

3b. Inappropriate behavior can be, but is not limited to:

  • Any pornographic material
  • Lewd profile photos or bios
  • Adult descriptions, messages, or scenes
  • Inappropriate jokes or topics
  • Any sort of “ERP” (Erotic Role-play)
  • Violence, gore, or other “shock” content.

Our ONLY EXCEPTION to NSFW content is music, as explicit songs are allowed.

  1. Do not advertise other groups. See the guidelines below for all advertising rules & exceptions.

4a. Artists are allowed to advertise once a week in our main chat, or as much as they would like to in our Artist Alley (TN Artist Alley – MurfreesFurs).

4b. For advertisements pertaining to social media, such as Twitter, Instagram, Twitch, YouTube, or other content platforms, contact an admin first privately for approval. You may NOT advertise “After Dark” (AD / NSFW) accounts!

4c. If you are looking to advertise a community or event you are hosting, contact the Group Lead for permission.

  1. Do not spam our community!

5a. No more than 4 consecutive sticker posts in a row.

5b. Do not flood the chat with “spam” texts, such as single word posts over and over or random gibberish.

  1. Our community is not a place to vent. We understand you may have issues in your life; however, it can make members uncomfortable and/or upset. If you need to vent to someone about things going on, please do so in DMs.
  2. Do not discuss anything that is illegal or can cause damage to the real world.

7a. No talking about illegal substances such as drugs, drug paraphernalia, or other items.

7b. Do not post about the creation or use of illegal weapons.

7c. Do not threaten any person with physical harm.

7d. Do not make any sort of terrorist, extremist, or otherwise hateful threat towards a community, building, location, or object.

  1. Please do not block the admins! While we will not punish you for doing so, it could mean that we are unable to contact you if you were to be warned, muted, kicked, or banned.

8a. In addition to this, do not argue with our team. We are here to help you and fighting with us will not help you.

  1. Make sure to follow ANY AND ALL in-person event rules!

9a. While you are attending our events, you are a guest, and it is a privilege to attend them. Please be on your best behavior!

9b. Treat all meet locations we use with care and respect. We are not liable for any damage you may cause to venues, vehicles, etc.

9c. Due to the nature of the items in question, pup hoods are not allowed to be worn at our events.

9d. Some of our events will require entry fees to be able to attend. If you are caught bypassing these means, you will be barred from participating in any future events and reported to the venue.

9e. Some of our events will have specific rules not outlined on this list. Make sure to check our RSVP form and follow those rules accordingly, along with these!

Other Important Information

MurfreesFurs staff can remove you at any time for any reason. While we WILL NOT abuse our power in any way, shape, or form (see our Audit System below), extreme rule breaks or other forms of clear violations can lead to an instant ban.

Our rules can change at any time for any reason. Please check these occasionally. We will do our best to warn you if there is an update, but we cannot guarantee you will be notified!

You MUST be 16 or older to attend our events! There are no exceptions to this rule.

Our staff team has the final say in punishments for rule violations. We usually follow the 3-strike rule. However, depending on the rule broken and severity of the rule, this can vary widely.

MurfreesFurs Audit System

We believe that nobody should be treated unfairly. We know how you can be randomly banned from groups for no reason out of nowhere! We do not operate that way. We believe in full transparency and honesty.

At any time, for any reason, you can request an audit of all punishments you have received and can file a complaint against a member of staff for abuse of power. Simply contact the group lead to get started.